Asset Management / Property Owner Representation

We represent your interests locally – as property owner representatives we are not real estate agents!

A core competence at Bodenkontor Liegenschaften GmbH is advising and representing the owners of commercial real property. Since 1999 our real estate specialists have successfully rented commercial objects in the Berlin metropolitan area for renowned real estate companies, banks, insurance companies, and foundations.

We represent your interests exclusively with our services to optimally realize the objectives of property owners. We reduce vacancies and save your personnel and financial resources. In order to achieve our clients’ goals, we work with leading real estate agencies, lawyers, tax consultants, and auditors on a case-to-case basis.

Experience, competence, commitment, and time are needed to successfully handle the asset “real estate”. We understand asset management to be the holistic use of the appreciation potential of real estate, which we achieve through structural optimization, and/or optimization of lease terms and contracts.

Working with Bodenkontor Liegenschaften GmbH gives you these advantages:

Our real estate experts have excellent market know-how and develop successful strategies for marketing office and retail space, warehouse, archive, and service areas, and production space for varying demands.

Our location allows us to effectively and directly implement the rent concepts developed on the basis of a comprehensive site-related analysis.

The responsible employee is present at every inspection to present the object’s features and potential conscientiously and competently.

In these activities we support our clients with the following services:

Step 1:
  • Creating market transparency by extensive research and market and location analyses
  • Compiling analyses of strengths and weaknesses as well as analyses of the competition
  • Developing individually adapted rental and marketing strategies for re-renting the respective property. Objective: prompt elimination of vacant property.
  • Appraisal of revenue based on current market situation and future market developments

The tasks that arise are not completely covered by the classic partners – building administrators and technical service providers. A coordinator is needed to direct activities and optimize the administrative and rental situation as well as to continually monitor your property and ensure positive development.


Step 2:
  • Preparing professional exposés and other advertising media
  • Website design
  • Ensuring effective implementation through the effective and cost-saving use of marketing instruments
  • On request, designing and creating a model office


Step 3:
  • Organization and execution of professional tours
  • Selection of tenants on the basis of references or financial data and credit checks
  • Optimizing and extending existing lease contracts
  • Compiling lease contract calculations as a basis for assessing profitability for our clients
  • Compiling lease contracts and lease contract analyses
  • Our specialists initiate and oversee tenant modifications and additions coordinated with the owner and guide various operations up to approval of the upgraded rental space.
  • Permanent meaningful reporting to the client on our leasing activity


Our “dual leasing system”

New tenants are acquired through our “dual leasing system” based on two pillars:

  • Own acquisition of potential tenants through various marketing activities conducted by our rental team.
  • Long-term cooperation based on mutual trust with the leading commercial property agents.
  • All of these prospective tenants are guided by our leasing team from the first contact, to lease contract negotiations, to closing the lease contract, up to handover of the rental space to the new tenant.


Our latest rentals – nothing is more persuasive than success

  • 1,200 m² object in Berlin-Wilmersdorf to a pharmaceutical courier service
  • 2,500 m² object in Berlin-Treptow to a federal ministry
  • 1,500 m² object in Berlin-Tempelhof to a medical publishing company
  • 400 m² object in Berlin-Mitte to a law office
  • 1,600 m² object in Berlin-Wilmersdorf to a fashion company
  • 2,100 m² object in Berlin-Mitte to an international gallery
  • 450 m² object in Berlin-Mitte to a solar energy company
  • 1,600 m² object in Berlin-Tempelhof to a call center
  • 300 m² object in Berlin-Mitte to an embassy
  • 1,000 m² object in Berlin-Tempelhof to a building services company
  • 1,550 m² object in Berlin-Kreuzberg to a film production company

Your advantage:

This proven cooperation has enabled us to achieve nearly 100% coverage of the market’s commercial space demand for your property.

Meet us and try us out. We look forward to your contact or a meeting at no obligation to you.


New rentals + maintaining existing leases = elimination of vacancies and increased cash flow.
Satisfied tenants form the basis for the success of your investment.

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