Know-how and foresight mean profitable investments

In addition to decades of experience and very good knowledge of the local situation, the team at Bodenkontor Liegenschaften GmbH has excellent market know-how. Our company is known for numerous transactions completed, high transaction capacity, and local and international clientele. Our professional team offers real estate expertise and up-to-date research to fulfill revenue expectations and determine value growth potential. We offer real estate sellers ideal contacts to prospective private and institutional investors with excellent credit ratings. In addition to smooth, goal-oriented handling, we place a great deal of value on our absolute discretion, which is appreciated not only by our very prominent clients.

What are your investment goals?

Your investment goals determine what properties are right for you. You decide which goals have priority for you:

  • Maximizing cash flow or revenue
  • Tax benefits
  • Liquidity returns
  • Value enhancement
  • Diversification of assets

We would be glad to show you interesting objects in the desired locations and advise and guide both institutional and private investors in individual or portfolio transactions.


Our services for capital investors:
  • Selection of suitable investment objects (from CORE to OPPORTUNISTIC)
  • Planning an investment strategy
  • Identifying suitable investments
  • Optimizing the offer and investment analyses
  • Renting vacant spaces
  • Realizing revenue expectations / cash flow calculation
  • Determining value growth potential
  • Project calculation
  • Exercising complex due diligence


Commercial objects generally yield higher revenue than residential property

On the other hand – especially for capital investors – it must be taken into account that commercial properties are usually more vulnerable to changes in the economic situation and residential property is thus considered a very solid and conservative asset class. We will weigh the object specific situation with you and check which investment property best fits your requirement profile.

We would be happy to help you realize your goals and offer you the property that fits your requirement profile.
Make an appointment with us – we’d like to advise you.

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