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Expertise and foresight for profitable investments. Residential real estate as a solid and conservative asset class.

Decades of experience, very good local knowledge and excellent market knowledge.

We offer real estate sellers the best contacts to private and institutional investors who are determined to buy.

We would be happy to help you achieve your goals and offer you the right property for your requirements.


In addition to decades of experience and very good local knowledge, the Bodenkontor Liegenschaften GmbH team has excellent market knowledge. Our company is characterized by numerous business deals, high transaction capabilities and our national and international clientele. With its real estate expertise and current research, our professional team is responsible for meeting expected returns and determining potential for growth. We offer real estate sellers the best contacts to private and institutional investors who are determined to buy and have the best creditworthiness. In addition to goal-oriented and smooth processing, our absolute discretion is in the foreground, which is not only appreciated by our sometimes very prominent customers.

What are your investment goals?

Which property is right for you depends on your investment goals. You decide which goals have priority for you:

We would be happy to present you with interesting properties in the desired locations and advise and support both institutional and private investors in individual or portfolio transactions.

Commercial properties usually offer a higher return than residential property. On the other hand, it should be noted – especially for private investors – that commercial real estate is usually more affected by economic changes and insofar as residential real estate is considered a very solid and conservative asset class. Together with you, we weigh up the property-specific features and check which investment property best suits your requirements.


We would be happy to help you achieve your goals and offer you the right property for your requirements.
Make an appointment with us – we will be happy to advise you.


Most common questions and answers

Because our rented condominiums are probably the safest form of investment that combines inflation protection, potential for growth in value, tax incentives incentives and possible additional benefits such as future owner-occupation , etc.

It is said that the most important thing when buying a property is the location – that is correct; we differentiate in “macro location” – for reasons of the positive demographic development of Berlin only within Berlin; Berlin is the German metropolis that is growing and is the focus of many international investors. In addition, the rents here are still comparatively cheap and have considerable growth potential.

We also assess the “micro-location” – what is the environment of the apartment? Are “infrastructure, public transport, shopping, schools” and, last but not least, the location of the apartment within the house to be assessed positively? If these parameters are right, we take the apartments into our sale.

There were prominent bad investors, especially during special depreciation periods, some of which only led to problems after years, when the immense tax advantages were exploited by the buyers and after the expiry of the tax advantages the problems of the buyers began, since these objects only deal with anticipated the high tax advantages or there is no corresponding demand for apartments at locations – thus there was a risk of vacancies.

Real estate should therefore not be bought solely for “tax-saving motives“. On the subject of “scrap real estate” we can only say that we rely on sustainable customer relationships who should also buy further apartments from us in the following years if possible, and that’s why we only offertested quality real estate“.

On the subject of “notaries” it can be said that we always work with partners / notaries who are of impeccable repute – the buyer also has the right to choose the notary himself.

This is a very general question and the prices generally depend on the annual net rent of the apartment, the location, the year of construction, the equipment, etc. Many of the quality properties we have tested cost between approx. € 1,200 / m² and 2,200 / m².

Less than many think and, above all, less than is required for the purchase of an owner-occupied condominium / property; i. d. This usually depends on the valuation of the property by the financing bank.

At our banks, which know most of our properties, we assume the additional purchase costs that a buyer should have – as well as a further 10% – 20% of the actual purchase price of the apartment. The incidental purchase costs are primarily the real estate transfer tax, the notary and land registry costs and, if applicable, the brokerage costs.

For our buyers we offer the “rented condominiums” free of commission for the buyer, i.e. in this case we will be paid by the seller of the ETW.

Therefore, for example, with a purchase price of € 100,000, approx. € 16,500 to € 20,000 equity is sufficient (5% real estate transfer tax for Berlin, approx. 1.5% costs and 10% equity – corresponds to a total of 16.5% of € 100,000).

If other assets serving as collateral are available, less equity can also be presented.

The rented condominiums offered by us as capital investments are “underrented”, i. This means that it was rented out very cheaply for the tenant compared to the rental prices that can be achieved today.

In the event of a termination, which is to be assessed positively against this background, you as the owner have 3 alternatives: a) Own use of this apartment (you, parents, siblings, etc. use the apartment yourself) b) Sale of the empty apartment to accordingly higher purchase price c) Rent at today’s rental price (i.e., substantial Increase in Return / higher interest on capital employed)

As the owner of a rented condominium, you will receive the net rent as well as advance payments for operating costs and ancillary costs from the tenant.

You bear the costs for the administration of the common property (WEG administration) as well as the maintenance expenses – i. d. Usually a maintenance reserve has been saved by all owners within the WEG – which is used for any repairs to the common property.

In some cases, these are around € 30 to € 50 / month and apartment. The owner of the apartment can also claim these costs for tax purposes. get a corresponding part back from the tax office.

Capital-forming life insurance appears to be simpler at first glance – however, the “soft costs” such as fees and commissions are comparatively higher and you as an investor are externally controlled.

An investment banker in Frankfurt am Main or in London may decide on the investment strategy – your own ideas / interests are not taken into account. In addition, an expiry time or interest rate is guaranteed that will appear very low compared to our values for the apartment in 20 to 30 years.

What can you do for e.g. Buy € 100,000 in 20 to 30 years – maybe not even a small car anymore. In our opinion, this does not provide old-age security.

At times, the increases in value of selected securities are impressive – but whether you choose exactly these securities, buy them at the right time and then sell them again is a “game of chance”.

We are real estate agents and we don’t have the slightest interest in “gambling”. We traditionally invest our hard-earned money in safe, tested “quality real estate”. We don’t have the time to speculate on the stock market every day and to make sure that third parties do this job optimally for us.

Over a period of 10 years or more, we are of the opinion that our selected “quality properties” would win a comparison with the average return on securities – with less equity investment and without sleepless nights.

We love real estate and have certainly invested unilaterally in real estate ourselves. However, we have not yet been offered any more sensible investment opportunities.

Trustinour decades of experience and in our own investment decisions in the real estate sector – because we live our investment decisions ourselves. You too can ensure financial independence and financial security and freedom in retirement.

7 reasons to invest

If the location and the quality of the property are correct, continuous growth in value and thus security against inflation are preprogrammed through medium – u. long-term increasing rental income.

Around 250,000 to 300,000 new Berliners will need an apartment by 2030. Too few new apartments have been built for years – this is causing rents to rise. Good for owners / landlords – a positive basis for long-term rental security.

Demographically a safe bank for real estate investments. Involve the state / tax office in financing your real estate investment. In general, a property should not be bought solely for tax reasons – but who is against the fact that the tax office subsidizes the acquisition of the real estate investment for tax purposes? In this way, debt interest and depreciation reduce the taxable income – thus the tax office co-finances your retirement provision!

With regular rent payments, your tenants pay the majority of their real estate investment.

The quality properties that we offer as rented condominiums are As a rule, considerably “underrented”, which means that if you rent a new one today, higher net rents can be achieved; Due to the comparatively low net rents, the purchase prices are correspondingly low. If the tenant moves out of your apartment, you have three options. – Re-letting the apartment for a possibly higher rent – Own use of the apartment – Sale of the apartment

Compared to other investment classes such as securities investments, ship funds, film funds, etc., our customers invest in less volatile and legally secure real estate investments. Rising rental income is highly likely – falling rents in Berlin are rather unlikely due to demographic developments.

This is not only our corporate principle, but our daily drive – we take a lot of work off your hands even after you buy the apartment; if you want, we can manage it, rent it out if necessary, renovate your property if you wish and we are your reliable contact person on site. It is our goal that you recommend us to friends and acquaintances and gradually acquire further apartments through us so that we can go your way to financial independence together.

Bank-verified real estate investments

Upon request, we will introduce you to a financing partner at one of our cooperation partner banks who know this property and can offer you very good financing terms.

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